Beyond the Utmost Bound | Book Cover Design

After the story, getting the cover design right is the most important thing an author can do. The cover should not only properly represent your story but also compel a potential reader to pick it up and take a closer look. 
After working with Laura Duffy, I can honestly say she nailed both of these aspects. 
I believe her success can be attributed to not only patiently listening to every thought, concern, idea, that came from me but also taking the time to read my book. 
She was able to take the story, every crazy idea by me (there were more than one) and combine her insight, creativity, knowledge, talent, and somehow create the exact cover I was hoping for. 
I love working with creative people. I also love working with professional people. Sometimes those two things don’t go together. Laura is both. A person who will return a call or email in a timely fashion, who won’t let the small details slip through the cracks, yet still possess the artistry and creativity for the task at hand. 
I really enjoyed working with her and will do it again. 
I can’t recommend her highly enough. 

Joseph Clinton, Jun 12, 2019


Confessions of a Crypto Millionaire, Author Dan Conway | Book Cover Design

Laura was an outstanding addition to my publishing team. Her brilliant designs and project management skills kept me on track and on target. She took the time to read my whole book before getting started. Not all consultants do that. It showed in her work product. Very glad I found her and I won't hesitate to use her again.

Dan Conway

June 20 2019

Fierce Reinvention, Author Rand Leeb-du Toit| Book Cover Design

Laura is a thorough professional. She took the time to understand the brief and the message of my book and then produced a top quality cover to match. I enjoyed working with her.


Rand Leeb-du Toit, Jun 1, 2017

Seven Secrets of Resilience for Parents, Author Andrew Wittman | Book Cover Design

Laura is a pure delight to work with! So grateful she has shared her genius with the world. I give her my highest recommendation.

GetWarriorTough Network, Jul 14, 2018


The Friendship Key, Author Winfried Sedhooff | Book Cover Design

Laura has done a brilliant job. I'm more than pleased with the cover. Many have commented glowingly about it as well. A pleasure to work with.


Winfried Sedhoff, Sep 3, 2018

Michelangelo Project, Author Isabel Wu | Book Cover Design

Laura's professionalism and ability to understand the essence of my work meant the outcome was not only quickly achieved, it was better than I could have imagined.


Isabel Wu, Jun 10, 2019

Mary Pino, owner of The Gilded Grape Wine & Spirits, Brooklyn NY | Graphic Design

I have worked with Laura for almost three years on various projects from design work, campaign ads, website building, and more. Not only is she patient, but helps someone that is not a designer or developer, like myself, to understand the tools she uses.


She is providing me with the knowledge I need so I can work and make changes to my website—it feels empowering to be able to learn this feature and be comfortable working in it so I can continue to focus on the growth of my company's media presence. 

Landing Page for author Vanessa Khan-Damon | Landing Page

Many thanks to Laura Duffy!  She is a gifted graphic designer and an extremely creative person.

When I needed a simple landing page for my upcoming book, Terrible Thoughts from a Horrible Person, and a blog, she put it together quickly and showed great patience in showing me how to create my blog. By providing me with this knowledge I'm able to make the most out of my website. As an aside, she is also a wonderful person!

Anne Janzer, Author of Writing to Be Understood | Book Cover Design

Laura is a true pro—easy to work with, very knowledgeable, and creative. Her designs have elevated my book. I consider this one of my best investments in production.

Moms Can Retire, Author Lila Reyna | Book Cover Design

Laura was a pleasure to work with. From our first chat on the phone and throughout the entire project she was professional, caring, and she got the job done. She is highly skilled and has very creative ideas that made it especially fun to work with her. I highly recommend Laura!


Lila Reyna, Nov 7, 2018

Susan Pollack, Therapist | Website Design and SEO

Laura recently helped me with the search engine optimization on my Wordpress website. She patiently went through all the pages asking me questions about my work and what themes and types of therapy were most important to emphasize. She explained how the SEO worked clearly, and shortly thereafter, I started to get 1-2 calls a week, which for a therapist is huge. I highly recommend Laura, she is a pleasure to work with, a true professional who knows her stuff!

Life In The Key of Rubini, Michel Rubini | Book Cover Design

In my experience, the world of book publishing essentially boils down to three levels of art designers: many are decent, some have real talent, and a tiny fraction are stone-cold, lights-out pros that can make an author do backflips out of sheer delight. Laura Duffy is that third one. 

—Kent Hartman, bestselling author of The Wrecking Crew and Goodnight, L.A. 

and editor of Life In the Key of Rubini

Toxic Home Conscious Home, Rob Brown M.D. | Book Cover Design

I came to Laura from one of the big box self publishing companies that do it all for you. My experience with this company had been disappointing at every step. But when I saw the cover they had designed, I knew that I needed to jump ship and find a professional graphic artist to completely rework the cover.

Laura did an awesome job. After reading through my book, she provided several different conceptual suggestions for a cover. From that group, we worked together to fine tune the image, text and font. In the end, Laura provided me with an absolutely perfect cover for my book. She was good natured and easy to work with. In addition, I found Laura to be flexible, attentive and most important, artistically talented and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Laura for book cover design.

Rob Wood Vice President, Wood Ronsaville Harlin, Inc. | Art Direction

Laura was the art director for several books that I illustrated. One book in particular was "Land of Painted Caves" by Jean Auel. This was an important title that had to be approved by many people. Laura's excellent art direction allowed the project run very smoothly and with very few hurdles. I really enjoyed working with her.

Melanie Richardson-Severo, owner of Karuna Acupuncture | Marketing Material

"Laura has been a pro from start to finish. I told her what I was thinking, and shortly after that, she had 5 completely different designs ready to go. And I LOVED all of them! Every time I have had to contact her, she has gotten right back to me, no matter how small or big the question or comment was. She has made being a new business owner that much less stressful, and I am SO grateful!"

Joseph Alvaro, author of "I'm One of The Lucky Ones" | Book Cover Design

Laura is a gifted graphic artist and was a pleasure to work with. She understood my vision and ran with it producing a wonderfully unique cover design for my book, "I'm One of The Lucky Ones."

Annette Vendryes Leach, author of "Song of the Shaman" | Book Cover Design

"Book cover design is most important to a novel’s success and I was fortunate to have partnered with Laura. Her creativity and professional experience was on full display for the Song of the Shaman cover. It certainly stands out in a crowded marketplace. I highly recommend Laura for your book project."

Elizabeth J. Sparrow, author of "The Irish Tempest" | Book Cover Design

As somewhat of a cranky perfectionist and first time author, my trepidation in selecting a cover designer for my novel, The Irish Tempest, was sky high. Laura brought me back down to earth with her infinite patience and natural aptitude to listen and HEAR what I wanted, needed…dreamed of…for the perfect cover.

      The process is similar to sculpting: agree on a concept, then work away at revealing the essence of the story in images coaxed and manipulated brilliantly by Laura’s superb eye. There is a steady back and forth – tweaking and smoothing – until perfection is achieved!

      I also asked Laura to create a banner for my website and FaceBook page, as well as a logo for my imprint. Everything was done in a timely and collegial manner and at reasonable rates.

      Being able to establish a trusting relationship with Laura so quickly, allowed me to focus on other publishing issues and relax just a wee bit. If you’ve read this far – don’t delay! Contact Laura and start visualizing…

Tony Brasunas, author of "Double Happiness" | Book Cover Design

"Laura did excellent creative work designing the book cover for Double Happiness. She was patient, inventive, and knowledgeable, and she created not just a stunning front cover, but also a gorgeous back cover for the book, as well as a set of special covers for the book's Advanced Review Copies and a fully functional cover for the e-book that works beautifully across electronic platforms and formats. She was also incredibly patient as I requested numerous copy and design changes throughout the creative process, and she always responded in a timely manner. Dynamite creative!"

Sean Dunn, author of "Anthem's Fall" | Book Cover Design

Laura is a fantastic book cover designer. Beyond the creative inspiration she has brought to my novel's cover, she has also been available night and day to promptly answer my emails. She brought together the e-book and mechanical covers, and actually helped me when I ran into issues with my interior epub/MOBI formatting--which I hadn't even hired or paid her for. Very professional and personable. Strongly recommend.

Marcela Mendez, author of "Yearning"

"I recently self-published a novel titled Yearning and used Laura Duffy as the cover designer. The cover came out beautifully and it was exactly what I was looking for. Laura is very talented and also makes the process easy and quick. This was my first time designing a cover and didn't know what the process entailed, so I decided to hire someone as experienced as Laura. I felt lucky to be able to work with a designer such as Laura that works with the major New York publishing houses. She's also very responsible and prompt. I most enthusiastically recommend Laura for any self-publishing or commercial projects."

Liz Longo, author of "A Bird and Its Albatross"

"I needed a new cover for the second edition of my book that included a new preface.  Laura Duffy was receptive to talking about the book in and of itself, then graciously listened to ideas about the front and back over, plus the spine.   

Laura followed through with a few proofs that varied in color tone and layout . From there we narrowed down what worked the best in each particular proof. As a result of that one very nice proof was made which was then tweaked into one very successful cover for my book!  I am always confident in looking at the cover as it presents the title and tone of the edition perfectly, to me that makes it a classic cover. I highly recommend working with Laura Duffy Design."

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