Based in Brooklyn, NY, MindPress Media publishes works that inspire inner transformation and lead us to perceive the sacred in our world. MindPress Media provides author publishing services for spiritual or metaphysical fiction, memoirs, autobiographies, and personal growth books and resources.


MindPress Media will plan, manage, and publish the professional book of your dreams—in print and digital formats. For information email or visit MindPress Media Squareup.

I help small to mid-size businesses attract their ideal clients with branding strategy and develop strong client relationships with marketing strategy.


Figuring out the essence of your brand is the first step in creating a business identity. I help clients unearth what makes their product or service unique, and create a strategy for how to stand out in the marketplace. From there, we go on to create verbal and visual communications. I work with verbal messaging and collaborate with Laura and other talented designers on visual identity. From brand messaging, to designing logos and business cards, to websites and marketing materials, we team up to build a strong, unique, and consistent brand to attract your ideal clients. 

Laura and I began our collaboration back in 1995 when we were on staff at Crown Publishers, an imprint of Random House. We worked together for close to 10 years before I moved on to design for Hyperion Books, a division of The Walt Disney Company. Now we are both designing for independent authors and I’m so thrilled when we have the opportunity to work together again.


It is my great pleasure to design the interior pages based on Laura’s wonderful book cover designs, combining our talents give a book a full-package design. My design work begins once Laura’s cover is approved so I can incorporate her cover’s design elements into the pages.


Creating the pages for a print book is a detailed process that starts with designing sample text pages for author approval. Once the sample pages are finalized, the page composition can begin. Composed pages of the entire book are prepared for copyediting and proof reading review. The final set of composed pages is used to create the final document that goes out to the printer. When an author chooses to publish an ebook, the final composed pages are converted to mobi and epub files for Kindle and all other e-readers.