The Book Cover Design Process:

Interview with Warren Archer, my client and author of I Think, Therefore I Lie for his Fearless Success Summit for aspiring authors.

The Evolved Masculine, by Destin Gerek

Destin Gerek, a sexuality and leadership coach for men, came to me with this very interesting, important book that was offering men a new paradigm for relationships with women and themselves, helping them rise and redefine their roles. We worked on many variations of the cover, but I felt strongly that it needed a strong, sexy, contemporary feel. Release in the first week of January 2020 it has been exciting to see it hit Amazon’s bestseller list in its genre right out of the gate!

Christmastime Book Series by Linda Mahkovec

In her blog post, The Making of a Book Cover — Christmastime 1939: Prequel to the Christmastime Series, author Linda Mahkovec talks about how I went about creating the imagery for her series of books that tell a story of New York City from 1939 through to 1945. As Linda describes in her post, we worked patiently with each other over the details of the images to create the warmth and charm of Old New York at Christmastime.

Writing to Be Understood, by Anne Janzer

Ann Janzer  helps people communicate more effectively through writing. She came to me to help design her third book and wanted it to have a bright, contemporary feel. She was very excited that her book achieved Amazon's #1 New Release status in the Authorship Reference on category! 

I Am Strength, by Alyssa Waugh

I Am Strength is a collection of true essays, poems, and art created by women from all walks of life, championing our everyday struggles and triumphs.

Alyssa came to me with a concept of having a woman on the cover who looked like a 'super hero' to reflect the stories she was collecting. Two thirds of the proceeds are going to No Means No Worldwide and Girls Inc.

I am very proud to have been part of this project, and have to say this is one of my favorite covers to have worked on.

Book Cover Competition Winner 2018

After much deliberation, Pegasus Books have chosen the winning entry for this year's Book Cover Design competition, which will be the cover for their upcoming publication Gatsby's Oxford, by Christopher A. Snyder.


Our winner is Laura Duffy, a graphic designer who has previously worked as an Artistic Director for Simon & Schuster and Random House, and now works as a freelance designer of book covers and websites. Using the Bridgeman Images website to search through our archive of over 3 million images, Laura was able to license art images and history images relevant to the Gatsby topic to create her book design.

Terrible Thoughts from A Horrible Person, by Vanessa Khan-Damon

Vanessa asked me to set up a simple landing page to promote her upcoming book, Terrible Thoughts from A Horrible Person. It was fun to be part of the excitement as the book she'd been working on for so long became a reality. 

Franco the Great

Franco the Great is a well known artist in Harlem with a huge and enthusiastic following. People come from all over the world to see him and view his work. I had the opportunity to work with MindPress Media on helping Franco spruce up the cover of his book and get his story out into the world.


Watch this video to hear Franco discuss his upcoming book.

​My Logo Redesign

I don’t know if it’s a blessing or a curse to be able to change your marketing material on dime, but the other day I finally came up with a logo for myself that I was happy with. For a long time, I’ve been riding on a very basic font logo with a cute red star. I think what prompted me to finally kick this into gear was the announcement that Netflix had their own font created to avoid licensing issues. Not that I’m going to be as big as Netflix (c’mon, think big Laura!) but it did get my creative juices flowing about the idea of creating one’s own font, so I started playing. I didn’t come up with any new fonts, but did manage to distort quite a few existing letters just because I could. Those horrid yet fun examples will stay buried in my computer’s cache for now…My old logo is on top. I really like what I came up with…see if you can find the hidden L.

The Story of the Blockchain, by Omid Malekan

I’ve just wrapped up my latest cover, The Story of the Blockchain by Omid Malekan. I’m very proud of this cover, especially of the illustrations that I created for the cover. The author was concerned about using unique imagery so we decided to go with illustrations. I must say that in doing my research for the drawings, I learned quite a lot about blockchain and cryptocurrency. Check out the book for an easy breakdown of what’s going to the future of our economy.

Lucid, by Chris Matteini

I haven’t had the opportunity to work on many sci-fi covers, which is ok since it’s not my favorite genre to read, but I really enjoyed Chris’ book and was very inspired by this story. Another cover that I’m very happy to add to my portfolio. Check out more of his writing at

New Deal Home Improvement, Brooklyn New York

Working to help small businesses to get up and running is one of the most fun aspects of being a graphic designer. New Deal came to me asking for a logo and website to represent their new cooperative business. I was very proud to be a part of this team that is working to create a cooperative, sustainable work environment.

Audacity of Hope, Barack Obama

Throughout my career I've had the opportunity to work with some very high profile people. My trip out to Chicago for the Audacity of Hope's photo shoot with photographer Deborah Feingold, still sits at the top of my list. Meeting Senator Obama was an incredible experience that I will never, ever forget. He was funny, incredibly charismatic...and he had my vote at 'hello'.


After spending a windy day by the water, we ended up using one of the last shots of the day, of him without his tie sitting on a chair in the hotel room. And the rest is, well, history...

Using Gemstones to Connect with Your Superpowers, by Alex Haddasah Anzalone

Alex came to me via another client, Sally Stone to help her complete the cover for her book which is geared for both children and adults. I helped guide the lovely illustration (by Nadica Zlatkova M.) and create this super fun type. I love the idea that Alex is bringing to young people of working with crystals and their energy centers. The interior of this book is beautiful.

Life in the Key of Rubini, Michel Rubini

I’m a huge fan of the Wrecking Crew and was completely star struck when I got the call to work on Michel’s book. I loved reading the book and probably stayed on the phone way too long with Michel listening to his stories and just shooting the breeze. I did a few variations for the cover but this photo was just too cool not to go with.

The Tremble of Love, Ani Tuzman

Ani’s book was a pleasure to read, and I hope that you can tell I was inspired when I created this cover. It was a pleasure working with Ani, and wonderful to experience her happiness as the book came to life and moved out into the world.

The Gay Detective Series, Kenneth Michaels

Working with Ken has been a blast. His books are a lot of fun and I’ve put together a lot of material for him which is a great example of how to market a book: fliers, book marks, business cards. His book, Only In Key West just won first place in the LGBTIA category at

Architects of the Unintended, Matt Coz

I loved these stories about the lives lived in one building. I created this illustration for the front and the back. My first illustration for a book!

Who Are We? Behind the Book, Class 524

Very proud and honored to be part of this project with Behind the Book. Class 524 of the High School for Dual Language and Asian Studies published their stories and I was asked to work on the cover.

The Scorekeeper, by Ed Hershey

Ed Hershey grew up in my hometown of Brooklyn and had an exciting life as a sports journalist. I got to learn a lot about Brooklyn in the 1950’s. My design partner, Karen Minster and I got to meet Ed during a book signing in Bay Ridge. Since so many of my clients come from far and wide, I don’t often get to meet them, so this was a real treat.

Online Interviews: Alan Rinzler and Joel Friedlander

I have Alan Rinzler to thank for jumpstarting my freelance career working with indi-authors. After seeing some of my work in the bookstore, Alan contacted me for an interview. I couldn't have been more flattered, especially when I saw the company of other designers he had me with. Over the years Alan has been kind enough to send many wonderful clients my way of which I am extremely grateful.


Joel Friedlander, of TheBookDesigner also showcased me, and my work, on his very popular and incredibly informative blog. He too, has sent many people my way who recognize the importance of a professinally designed book cover.

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