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Mary Pino, owner of The Gilded Grape Wine & Spirits

"I have worked with Laura for almost three years on various projects from design work, campaign ads, website building, weekly email newsletters and more. Not only is she patient, but helps someone that is not a designer or developer, like myself, to understand the tools she uses.


She is providing me with the knowledge I need so I can work and make changes to my website—it feels empowering to be able to learn this feature and be comfortable working in it so I can continue to focus on the growth of my company's social media presence. "


Kimberly Lawson Roby

Laura Duffy  is by far one of the most knowledgeable, professional, and responsive graphic designers I have ever worked with, and I am so glad I hired her (to design both my company logo and the cover for my latest book). She is also very kind and goes more than the extra mile, making sure her clients are happy, (something I so very much appreciated), and I look forward to working with her again in the future! 


Nicole Kirby, The Rennsli Project 

Laura is incredibly talented, easy to work with and super experienced and knowledgeable in all aspects of her graphic design craft. I highly recommend her for all your graphic design needs, particularly book covers, product branding and marketing materials. She is a gem to her field, a true fine artist.


Joseph Clinton, Author

After the story, getting the cover design right is the most important thing an author can do. The cover should not only properly represent your story but also compel a potential reader to pick it up and take a closer look. 

After working with Laura Duffy, I can honestly say she nailed both of these aspects. 
I believe her success can be attributed to not only patiently listening to every thought, concern, idea, that came from me but also
taking the time to read my book. 

She was able to take the story, every crazy idea by me (there were more than one) and combine her insight, creativity, knowledge, talent, and somehow create the exact cover I was hoping for. 

I love working with creative people. I also love working with professional people. Sometimes those two things don’t go together. Laura is both. A person who will return a call or email in a timely fashion, who won’t let the small details slip through the cracks, yet still possess the artistry and creativity for the task at hand. 

I really enjoyed working with her and will do it again. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Client Testimonials


Richard Mover, Founder/Creative Director Performance Transformance


Laura was an absolute delight to work with. I came to her with a variety of graphic design needs so that I could get my coaching company off the ground. Not only did she provide me with everything that I needed: logo, website, business collateral including social media elements, but she helped brainstorm with me the best ways I could put my business out there. And she's always happy to make any changes needed. I highly recommend her!


Ken Malloy, Mind Body Chronic Pain Coach

After hiring and firing FOUR designers to create a cover for my first book, I hired Laura Duffy and finally got what I needed! Laura delivered with no delays, no excuses, no drama - just brilliant design. She's a mature, seasoned professional who knows how to work with clients creating a good experience in the design process. We continued to work together on a variety of other projects, and Laura was able to handle it all!

I worked in the television business for many years with CBS, MTV and HBO. As a result, working with the best creatives, I got spoiled. It can be challenging finding good talent in the freelance world. Don't waste anymore time! Call Laura, get her working for you and be ready to be very happy with the results

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