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The Book Cover Design, Interior Design & Book Production Process


My goal is to create a stunning book cover that will stand out in a crowded environment, whether online or in a bookstore--get customers' attention, and boost sales.


I've put together a description of the cover design process and what to expect when working with me:


Phase 1: Concept Meeting and Initial Design Development

We'll begin with the Cover Concept meeting to discuss your book and your publishing goals and do some initial brainstorming about cover ideas.


After our meeting, I'll read through your manuscript and begin preparing a variety of design directions based on our conversation and my market research.


Phase 2: Presentation of First Round of Cover Comps

You will receive a PDF of the round 1 (R1) cover comps for your review

When you are ready, we will discuss the cover ideas and what changes you'd like to see in the next rounds. I'm happy to get on a call to hear your thoughts or work with an email of your notes. Whatever your preferred method of communication is fine with me.



Phase 3: Revisions and Arrival of Final Cover Design

Based on your feedback, I will work on revised designs and send you R2, R3, etc. I put no limit on the amount of changes it takes to get to a cover you're extremely happy with. In my experience, it normally takes about 2 to 3 rounds maximum until we get there.


Phase 4: Preparation of Full Layout (Front/Spine/Back) and Printer Ready Files

This phase is reliant on having a FINAL PAGE COUNT from a final interior. Often, there is a gap of a few weeks between when the cover is approved and the interior is done.

You will provide me with the following:

  • Final page count

  • Back cover and or flap copy. (put ideal word count here)

  • Imprint logo if using one

  • Author photograph and photo credit

  • Indicate what formats will be needed (paperback, case bound, jacketed hardcover)

  • Indicate where you will be printing: KDP, IngramSpark, BookBaby, or your own printer

  • Indicate paper preference: white (50lb or 70lb); Creme (50lb or 38lb Eggshell)

  • ISBN for each format so that I can download templates from IngramSpark


I will prepare fully designed layouts and send you the R1 PDF for your review. You will indicate what changes are needed, and once you have approved the layout, I will prepare the file for the printer.


Phase 5: Uploading Files to KDP and IngramSpark

Once you have set up accounts with KDP and IngramSpark I will:

-Enter meta-data (key words and categories)

-Upload front cover and interior files

-Order and review proofs

-Forward proofs to you for review and approval.

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