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I help independent authors simplify the publishing process, stand out in a crowded market, and successfully promote their book with my Author Advantage Packages

“Laura is a true pro—easy to work with, very knowledgeable, and creative. Her designs have elevated my book. I consider this one of my best investments in production.”

—Anne Janzer

Anne Janzer book cover designs

Having a professional background at both Simon & Schuster and Random House, I bring the expertise and insight needed to expertly craft an exceptional book cover. This ensures not only capturing the interest of the target audience but also making the book stand out in a crowd. The invaluable experience gained from collaborating with top-tier editorial, marketing, and publicity experts in the publishing realm is seamlessly transferred to my clients as well. This enables me to strive towards crafting a captivating book cover design that will distinguish itself in a competitive market.


Amid the dynamic shifts in the book publishing landscape, my personal and professional development remains unwavering. Acknowledging the escalating demand for authors to fortify their businesses and personal brands, I provide a comprehensive suite of services to assist independent authors in navigating a potentially overwhelming process, ensuring they receive the support needed for their literary endeavors.


With a keen understanding of market trends and a commitment to delivering high-quality design, I offer a seamless publishing experience with the following:


Cover Design: A book cover is an author's most essential selling tool. My process is a collaborative effort to reflect your book's message and provide you with the most robust cover I can based on my experience and creativity. We don't stop until we have a cover you're in love with and one that will draw the attention of readers.


Interior Design & Formatting: While the book's interior design is not a significant selling tool, it is still a critical reflection of your book. Professional design and attention to detail are essential to give your book the polished feel a reader will be drawn to and appreciate.


Book Production: While it's exciting to finally publish your book, I understand how overwhelming this stage is for many authors and aim to help you avoid any stress and confusion. I will upload your cover and interior files to KDP and IngramSpark, review the proof with you, and enter the appropriate keywords and metadata to improve your book's visibility on Amazon.


Promotional Material: Bookmarks, postcards, swag, etc.

So, you've got a book! Congratulations! It's time to get out there and share it with the world. Your book launch is an exhilarating time and promotional material is a great way to entice potential customers with free takeaways while giving them tangible items to remind them of you and your book.


Media Sheets provide essential information about you and your book for podcasters, bloggers, reviewers, radio hosts, and television producers if you plan on doing any media advertising.


Banners are a great way to set the stage at your book signings by drawing attention to you and your table and excite interest from potential customers.


Social Media Headers and Content across platforms are essential to getting attention for your book. A dedicated Facebook page is a great way to create a space for your readers to engage with you and for you to build energy around your book.


Author Landing Pages are vital for creating an online presence for you and your book. Attracting potential customers and marketing opportunities with a landing page will allow them to learn more about you and your book while allowing you to create an email list for further communication with your readers.

Let's collaborate to turn your literary vision into a captivating reality and make your book an undeniable success!


What Clients Say

"Laura is a talented designer, expert communicator, and a fun collaborator. I knew right away I was in great hands. She's extremely knowledgeable and incredibly gracious. I will definitely call upon her talents again! Thank you, Laura!!!"    —Katie Love

Katie Love author with banner
Professional Book Cover Design
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